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Drawing Chooser User Interface

The Drawing Chooser is divided into four sections: Top Toolbar, List Panel, Preview Panel, and the Bottom Toolbar. It can be used to create and manage drawings (or folders) within TouchDraw.

Click or Tap on the Drawing Chooser section to learn more about its features.

Section Name Description
Top Toolbar The Top Toolbar provides access to file management functions and preferences within the TouchDraw application.
List Panel The List Panel is located on the left hand hand side of the Drawing Chooser (Landscape Mode) and can be used to access saved drawings or folders.
Preview Panel The Preview Panel is located on the right hand side of the Drawing Chooser (Landscape Mode) and shows all drawings within a selected parent directory within the List Panel.
Bottom Toolbar The Bottom Toolbar provides access to previewing, sharing, importing, and additional file/folder management functions.

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