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Configuring Cloud Storage

Besides accessing files stored locally on the iPad, TouchDraw also includes support for accessing files stored with a Cloud Storage or remote file service. The supported storage providers are:

Press on the Cloud Button in the Bottom Toolbar to access available cloud storage providers. If the icon that resembles an iPad is blue (as shown in the screenshot below), then TouchDraw will show drawings stored locally on the iPad device.

After pressing on the Cloud Button, TouchDraw will switch to Cloud Storage Mode making it possible to browse through drawings stored remotely in Cloud Storage or remote file stores.

To connect TouchDraw to one of the supported cloud storage services:

  1. Press on the Add Cloud Service Button (cloud with a plus in it), as shown below.

    The Add Cloud Service Button is only visible when the List Panel is at the top level of the Cloud Storage view. The button reverts back to its normal action, Adding a New Folder to the current directory, when navigating through the directory structure of the chosen cloud service. The icon changes to provide visual feedback regarding what the current action would be.

  2. After pressing on the Add Cloud Service Button, a list of supported storage providers will be displayed for creating a connection, as illustrated in the screenshot below. Tap on a cloud storage provider name to select it and access its connection options. In the example below, Box is selected as the cloud storage provider.

  3. A new screen will appear based on the cloud storage provider selection. The Title will appear in TouchDraw for importing and sharing files through the cloud storage provider. You can tap on the Title to alter the displayed name.The image below illustrates the settings for connecting to Box.

  4. After all requisite information has been filled in, press on the Connect Button in the toolbar to create the connection.

  5. Next, you will need to enter authentication information for the selected cloud storage provider. After you have entered your Email Address or User ID and Password for the chosen provider, tap on the Authorize Button (or Sign In Button) at the Authentication Window to complete the connection. Tap on the Cancel Button in the upper left hand corner to exit this window without connecting to the cloud service provider.

For each service type, there is a common entry called Title, which must be filled in. This is the name/title for the specific cloud service connection. This configuration ability allows for easy differentiation between multiple accounts using the same service. For example, if you have a personal Box account, and a work Box account, you can connect to both of them using TouchDraw and differentiate them by specifiying a different title.

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