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Duplicating a Drawing

Drawings can be duplicated within the Drawing Chooser to inherit the same properties and preferences of the original without having to manually recreate them. Once a drawing has been duplicated, the newly created file may be renamed and edited separately from the original.

To duplicate a drawing:

  1. Navigate to the desired drawing in the List Panel and tap on it once to select it.

  2. Press on the Add/Duplicate Button in the Bottom Toolbar.

  3. Tap on the Duplicate Drawing option.

  4. The duplicated drawing will be opened in the Drawing Editor for viewing and editing. A number is placed at the end of the drawing name to indicate that is is a duplicate or copy, as shown below.

Note: A duplicated drawing is saved in the same folder directory as the original, but can be moved to another location by choosing Move or Copy in the Share/Move Menu.

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