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Top Toolbar

The Top Toolbar provides access to file management functions and preferences within the TouchDraw application. It appears as shown below when in Normal Mode:

The Documents Button appears when a parent directory has been selected from the List Panel and can be used to return to the main file directory.

Click or Tap on the Top Toolbar option name to learn more about its functionality.

Icon Button Name Description
Edit The Edit Button can be used to rename and delete files or folders within the List Panel.
New Drawing The New Drawing Button can be used to open a new file within the Drawing Editor.
Global Settings Menu The Global Settings Button can be used to alter importing, pen calibration, network proxy, backup, and restore preferences.
Feedback The Feedback Button can be used to send feedback regarding TouchDraw and to access additional application sources via the web.
Documents The Documents Button can be used to return to the main file directory within the List Panel.

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